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Premier Properties Land Co - Agriculture Land

Agriculture Land

Iowa's rich fertile soil makes it one of our nation's finest farm states. Iowa also leads the nation in producing milk, chicken, and eggs; however, its leading source of income for livestock is producing more hogs than any other state. Have a specific farming or ranching land use in mind? Check out Iowa's tax credits and exemptions here

Premier Properties Land Co - Homesteads

Homesteads With Acreage

Homesteading can be advantageous beyond the obvious space from neighbors and the ability to grow crops and raise animals. The Hawkeye State provides homestead protections for up to 40 acres of rural property or a half-acre of urban property. Also, it offers a homestead tax credit so long as you declare residency in Iowa and live on the homestead for at least six months of the year. And if all that doesn't sell you on a homestead, they also have a better resale value.

Premier Properties Land Co - Hunting & Recreational Lands

Hunting/Recreation Land

Recreational land is good for the soul and your real estate portfolio as it's an innovative, low-risk, low-stress investment that offers a private oasis to escape and escape the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Also, The Hawkeye State, in particular, is revered by big deer hunters everywhere for its white-tail deer. They're raised on rich resources our land has to offer and are protected by the enormous tracts of private hunting grounds providing you a more private and elite hunting ground. Additionally, the Iowa Habitat and Access Program (IHAP) provides financial incentive payments for the completion of wildlife habitat improvements on your land.